Sunday, February 27, 2011

Your never ready....

     I know that I haven't posted well since November of last year.  But alot has happened in three months.  I had an interview last week of November and didn't get the job.  And I was ok with that-it was a God thing.  But on that next Monday I had an interview and by Tuesday of that week I had a job.  So bascially I have been there since December 1, 2010.  And only God knows that I know it was from him.  I am tired and exhausted when I get home but he knows that I love what I am doing.  Things do happen in his time not ours. 
     Anyway the reason I am actually making a post this morning-yes I am skipping church...Last nite a friend from high school posted that her beloved Dad left this earth and went to see his Heavenly Father.  My heart aches for her.  But I have to be honest that I guess I am thinking about my own parents and grandparents. It makes me sit back and say wow Lord I am trully blessed.  My Grandpa Bill is "83" (I hope or 82 I can't keep track sometimes) my Granny Emily is holding onto 79 for a couple more months, my Dad Deon turned 69 last year and my Mom Sherry is still young at 60.  This also makes me think that wow how long they have been married too-Grandparents this year have 61 years behind them and my Parents have 37 years of marriage. In the midst of my many blessings I have lost a few loved ones along the way.  My other Grandparents on my Dad's side "Granny Wat", Uncle Terry, Great Granny, my "Favorite Aunt Clara" her husband Dale, Uncle James and other loved ones too.
     Between my parents and grandparents they have had 4 heart attacks, 4 heart caths, 3 bypass surgeries, 4 times waiting and praying in the surgery waiting room, 4 hosptial stays, many walks down the long hallway to CCU and ICU and alot of  waiting on the doctors.  What is priceless that they are still here, healthy, active and still kicking"....
     I guess with all my rambling I am saving that I am not ready to lose my family and I know with talking to my Granny E. that no one is ready to lose a loved one and the hurt is still there but God thru his loving hand and faith in him I know that when it does happen I will see my loved ones again. 

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