Sunday, June 27, 2010

Daddy's Little Washer and Coffee Time

Well the weekend is over. Darn't.
This pic my Granny gave me one of my old photos. I cut the dishes with the Cricut Cartiage "From the Kitchen" Paper is from "October Afternoon", the flower stamp is a dollar one from "JoAnn's". The Coffee card the stamp is from I love this set. You have to go and check out the website. She has the neatest stamps. The paper is the scraps from my 8x8 page. I managed to get two cards out of those scraps. And people call me frugle for a reason.
I guess my favorite part of the weekend was Sunday. Texas panhandle weather for Sunday was actually nice. It was only in the 70's about 11:00am. That is pretty cool for right now. Anyway I was driving home this afternoon on fairly busy street. I noticed all the cars on the left hand side were all at a dead stop. I am looking all over for a police or ambulance coming but nope. I looked over to
my right and saw the oddest sight (and yeah no camera in my purse). Anyway the parking lot was full of about 15 Canadian Geese. The reason the cars were all stopped is because mommy and daddy geese were walking their two little ones across the street. It was really a neat moment to stop in time. Anyway that is all for now. I hope you enjoy my layouts and cards.

Happy 4th of July (early) God Bless America........

Single Scrapin' Chick

Friday, June 25, 2010

Glad its Friday!!!

Well Hello scrapers. What a week!!! Actually for me it was really a good week. My plan for this weekend is to actually sit at my "Crap table" I mean "Scrap table". I have come to the realization that I tend to buy way to much scrapbooking stuff. And have finally decided that I need to USE it. Any way I am just rambling.

(This is "Chloe" I just had to add her to my blog.)

Last nite I went surfing and went to You Tube and found a video for the "Gypsy" it was about the app for photos. Because when I first did that update I thought "I'm not going to use it." but after seeing that idea it made since. I am sorry that I don't remember who made the video. But anyway what she did was all the page ideas or sketches that she had downloaded to her computer. She downloaded to her "Gypsy." Well, I just did it and it was really easy. All you have to do is plug your "Gypsy" into the USB cable and double click on the your sync icon on your computer. Let it do its thing first, and then click on photo. Go to browse and go from there.

I loaded maybe 10 pictures or ideas from others. You could load your own work too. If you have any problems go to "You Tube" do a search for "Gypsy".

Well I guess this is me just rambling on and on and on. I made this card a few years ago. My Granny Emily went thru heart surgery I think. The base of the card is a Transparency is folded in half. And then I went from there with the front.

Thanks from Texas----Single Scrapin' Chick

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Ok I have finally downloaded my pictures. I can't believe that is already June. I just can't believe how fast this year is going. Below I have my Father's Day card. Enjoy..

I love this card its for my "Grandpa Bill" for people that know me well. I am a horriable speller. A friend of mines 4th grade son to inform me of my mistake. Great.....

Anyway. This card was so easy. The circle was from "Wild Card". I then embossed new folder from Cuttlebug big circle (borrowed from a friend) Got to have it. The grass "Plantin Schoolbook" and golf tee from "Everyday Paper Dolls".
The inside says "Have a HOLE in 1 day!"

I cut the "Dad" out with "Base camp" cricut cartiage and then embossed it the
Cuttlebugwith Argyle pattern folder. And then I took a dobber with black ink on it. Just a bit.
Making it distressed looking. And yes I did sew on the card.

Father's Day Card

inside of card "Dad, Growing up we may have had our disagreements and agruments. But I always knew you were there for whatever I needed and loved me regardless what I did or said. Love Michelle"
I love the old car on the front.

A few weeks ago my mother took this picture of my Dad. I love it. Most people would
have shut the blinds, but not him. The newspaper and cowboy hat are a added smile.
Happy Father's Day to my Dad and Grandpa...
(yes I know I am acutally a week early..woohoo)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

My First Blog

I have done it. Started my own Blog. I am planning on show off my Scrapin' Stuff item that I have made. I hope that this will give others good ideas. For today I have completely a Father Day cards. Check back later tonite or tomorrow for the cards.