Friday, September 18, 2015


      I really can't believe that I just look at my blog and it has been since 2013 that I actually made a post. But tonight is different I need to post.  I am not gonna talk about crafting and any of my hobbies.  So here I go.

      It has been a week today and that I had to made the most difficult decision I have had to make in my life.  I had to take my beloved Baby Chloe "my four legged baby"  to the vet and have her put to sleep.  I had made the decision on Labor Day weekend after a dear friend came to feed and had informed me that she really didn't eat that much.  I had asked about her water if she drank a lot and she stated not really.  Well, I knew at that point that that wasn't her at all.  So on Sunday I called my mom and we discussed it at length and she told me "Honey, this has to be your decision no one else to make."  That is the hardest thing to hear your parent tell you.  But I told her that "Mom, I see it her eyes she isn't happy." And I knew that due to her increasing in weight loss she was in a lot of pain.   So I and I alone made the decision that I would have four days with her  and waited until Sept. 11, 2015 to take her to the vet. And I many tears that week and that day.   With the help of my Mom and Dad for support and help I took her.  Between my Mom and me I am not sure who cried more and my Dad gave one of his old shirts away to wrap her in when they took her away.  I think in my heart she knew because she went to the lady with grace and dignity and as my Mom had said Chloe was a lady.

    I know some people might read this and crude it's ONLY A CAT.  Well, your only a person and guess what someone might cry for you and they might not.  She wasn't only a CAT she was a companion, my bed buddy at night, basically my BABY.  I will say that I had an amazing 18 years with her, and yes I said 18.  She was about 1 1/2 old when SHE picked me out of room full of cats.  I went to adopt a BLACK cat and had my mind set that I wanted a BLACK cat.  Well, my aunt and I went and with in 5 seconds of opening the door she come running up to me and meowing like crazy.  I looked down and said "That's one!"  My aunt stood in awe saying "Wait are you sure she is not black?"  And no she wasn't she was beautiful.  Gray, white and orange her coat was so shiny, thick, short hair cat and just simply put gorgeous.  And boy was she a talker.  She talked, and talked and would honestly answer me back.  And let me just say she was so smart and spoiled.  My mom just this past weekend told me "Cat's don't come when u whistle."  I just looked at her and said with a tear in my eye "Mom, Chloe came when I whistled."  She loved to fetch her string of pearls and honestly we played hide and seek.  And I would chase her in my tiny apartment.  She loved people food and I will say on my next kitty.  No people food allowed.  Her favorite was cheese and canned whipping cream.  At times she gave comfort and peace when I needed.  If I cried she heard me she would come running on the bed and just start head butting my face over and over again, until she knew that I was OK.   In the last year her and had a lot of changes.  Since I got here she lived in the apartment for 17 years and beginning of last May I was forced to leave my apartment.  I worried more about how she would react than myself.  The night we moved in she was completely fine and like I am at HOME.  And the funny thing to all this was in my old apartment we slept in the same bed.  She would sleep on the left and I would sleep on the right, but after we moved it was like we both made the decision that we didn't have to anymore.  Now don't get me worry she was still there but she did sleep on a next to me on shall I call it a tower with her blanket it on it.  And in the apartment apparently 6:00 am in the morning meant get up but up and feed woman.  Because she started waiting me and either purring loudly and meowing non stop.  I do miss a lot of things right now  her greeting me at the door would be the most and peeking around corner to the then bathroom wanting more food.  She was an odd cat but she was MY cat.

    So in closing I am better with the help of my Mom talking me thru the grieving process seeing how she has been thru the lose of 4 fur babies herself.  I miss you Chloe my baby but I know in my heart that I did the right thing for you. Now this is isn't not to say that I will not grieve for at times I will but I do have faith in God that I will see you in heaven some day.  Because God did make the animals and he built and ark to project them all.  So duh.   I thank you for choosing me take care of you for all these years.
Love your Human Mommy