Saturday, December 3, 2011

Well it that time again...

Ok I am actually sitting here and posting.  I completely didn't post the whole month of November, no reason. As I sit here I can't believe that yes I am about to write the word-CHRISTMAS. I still can't believe that it will be here sooner than I want.  Wow.  It seems as a child it wouldn't come fast enough and now that I am an adult it comes way to quickly. 

Anywhoo-I haven't been posting or actually making any cards or scrapbooking for a little while.  I have got my sewing groovy back.  I will try to post some of the stuff on later.  And I have been on "Pinterest" I am completely addicted to it.  My craft brain is on overload now.  So many craft ideas and other fun stuff that I don't know how I will get it all done. 

Anyway I really don't have much else to report. 

"Bah Hambug"