Monday, September 5, 2011

I love to.....

Happy Labor Day to everyone....I actually made ONE card today.  Well I actually did another project that I have almost finished.  But I saw this card sketch and had to try it.  I actually had my muse back for an afternoon.  Who knows it might have something to do with the cooler weather.  Here in the Texas Panhandle the weather has been horrible.  We have been in 3 digits numbers since May meaning a blazing 100 or more and not much rain.  Anyway-Thank you Lord for the wonderful weather this weekend and the rain. 

I hope ya'll enjoy the pics and ideas---the smile card is the only one I did today.. The others I made for others and birthday cake I'm keeping.


the little butterflies are from an old story book. 

Coffee Shop card-Just made it for fun-
it would look great with shoes in the window..

One of my cousins "Mr. M"  asked me to make a Birthday card for his Little Sister "Little Miss"
He wrote the inside-"Happy Birthday Hope you like the "Feathers" for you hair."
(he picked up dove feathers from his Grams house).

This is how dry Texas Panhandle is....bring on the fall and winter.
Hope everyone enjoyed-later for now
Goodnite ya'll
Single Scrapin' Chick