Sunday, May 6, 2012

Again I sit here and wonder where the last few months have gone.  I have to admit I am horrible at blogging-I don't know how you can blog every day.  I just don't have it in my.  I applaud the ones that do!! Clap, Clap. 

So I went up in first of April to my families farm, once it was Grandparents Farm.  Not much to it..But it is out in the middle of no where quite the phones don't ring much and NO TV!!!  Over the years the hen house and  wash house had to be taken down.  But the main parts are still standing.  So that weekend I took my camera and took pictures going up there and coming back home.  I was so windy going but I got some really good pics.  My Little Brother and his girl and course My Niece (the dog) Bela and my dad.  All my pictures were outside so I missed alot of mom she mainly stayed inside.  So maybe next time we all can stop and get family pictures.  Any way I wanted to post few of my favorites.

Ms Rachel mowing away,

Where the Fairies Live..

My Niece

Door Knob to the Barn

My Dad and Little Brother

My Dad
I Love this shot..

I hope ya'll enjoyed them-at sometime I will get back to scrapbooking and card make but right now I have another passion.  And I am enjoying it so much.. Thanks and Bye for now. Michelle D Watson