Sunday, February 12, 2012

February Snow

So this weekend in the Texas Panhandle is was suppose to be cold (not called).  About in the 20-30 degrees.  My plan was to clean my SCRAP area. I haven't actually made anything since October.  Yeah last year.  I have been sewing and working 40 hours or more a week.  Which I still love my job.  I just is alot sometimes during the week extremely fast pace all day long. 

Any way so this weekend I have been trying to clean out and organize my scrap corner.  So I was working on it last nite till about 630pm when I friend and her little girl wanted to go shopping with them.  First if you really know how I am I don't like to go after dark and I hate going to the mall.  Her little princess cried "NO" she really wanted me to go. So I went and had a great time.  And I got to have coffee from my favorite place in town.

So I am doing the same thing today -when the phone rings this afternoon, braking me out of  zone.  I looked out the window and Holy Crap its Snowing and alot.  So of course I had to put my house shoes and grab the camera.  Here are some of the shots I took and I did take them right from my own front porch.  I hope you like them.

Happy Valentine's Day