Saturday, August 11, 2012

Can I make?

All day long I have been updating my blog-it has been a little while.  Anyway my title "Can I make?"  One weekend about a month ago I was talking to my 81 year old Granny E. and asked her "I wonder if I can make a wallet?"  And I went online and found a blog that showed me how.

So I took her example: 

My 4-H teacher would have a fit-I make my own patterns out of "BROWN PAPER".

 I love denim!

for the inside

 I had to share this picture-no reason




 Fusible webbing-I ironed it on one side of the denim.  The inside of the front.

 The helper "Chloe"

 On the bottom pockets-you accordion fold the folds.
I used an old gift card to guess on the size of the pockets.
First I ironed it all down to make the creases stay in place.
Second I topped sewed each crease and folded in the middle to then sew in the middle.

 Top pockets-turned them wrong side out and then put them together. 
 I had some old plastic in my stash that I cut out a bigger than my drivers license and then stitched it down.

Showing running down the middle

 Inside before I put them together.

 Magnetic Snap

 The Ruffle is my favorite.  I was never a girly girly in my younger days.  But I love them now. 
This was so easy.  The 2" strip and then zig zag down both sides, in the middle you use Dental Floss. 
Zig Zag over the dental floss and then you can pull it without trouble. I then stitched it on top of the denim.

 Both sides pattern down.

 Then stitched 3 sides together and pull back thru-

 I did use 2 pieces of cardboard -next one I going to tape 2 pieces together =4 pieces.

The finished project-inside

and the front.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Have a great weekend.