Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Year...

I know that I haven't been a very good blogger at all.  I guess you can say that I tend to forget about it.  But maybe I will get better for the new year.  Wow it still doesn't seem possible that is actually 2012! I still have problems at work typing the date every day.  Any whooo...I really don't have much to report or to show.  I have my other love affiar and I know alot of other people have found it too. Pinterest.. Nothing much else to say.  I love pinning and getting alot of new ideas. 

Ok tonite I just downloaded Picasa 3 so I have uploaded my own photos and trying my hand at editing and and not editing them.  This year I want really enjoy my camera and get better at taking pictures.  So here are some pics that are in my vault...  Thanks for letting me share.  Goodnite from Singlescrapin'chick

I took this picture at Baseball Themed Wedding last November.
  I love the old window and the bottles looked so cool.

The family pics