Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Double, double toil and trouble fire burn and caldron bubble.

I took this picture of my Granny E. last year. and I thought it just perfect to post.
I hope ya'll enjoyed.

Happy Halloween!!!

Check back later this weekend-I have been busy
the last week working on something.......

Happy Halloween

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's Finally Fall....

I was just viewing some blogs that I like to keep track off and then I noticed on my own blog. Wow it has actually been a whole month since I updated it last. I am still waiting on God to place me in just the right job. But only God can give me the patiences.
But as I have been waiting I have been busy making cards.... So here they are -I did start this blog update last nite. I was trying to put my name or blog on the bottom with a software that I already had on my computer. However it didn't work I finally downloaded today a free a photo imaging software - it took me nearly all day long. Any Whoo-I really enjoyed making these cards -I hope ya'll enjoy.

Ok So I had to take a pic of my colored spools of ribbon. I just loved all the colors -

Has anyone seen my shoe??????

Alright ladies I have to say this is one of my favorite ideas. I don't know if I said how much I love my Gypsy for the Cricut. A while back I was thinking-and it really came to me "Hey I can make any images into a card. All I have to do is rotate the image and merge it. " Well I did it.

  1. On the Gypsy the shoe is on the Halloween cartiage. My dimensions on it are "width 4.77" and "height 5.01". The main part was the "Green cardstock"
  2. Then take it and and copy it and then flip it the tops of boot should touch just a little bit.
  3. After that group the two shoes togethers
  4. Next do to merge icon and the eye icon (if you do not know how to merge go to "You Tube". It was extremely helpful.
  5. I managed to get two boots on a 12 x 12 sheet of paper.
  6. The layers - took a little time but - just pick them out and them lay them over the boot until they match. I wrote the measurements down on a piece of paper and then opened a new file for both one for the "black part" and the "purple part".
  7. The rhinestones were just an added touch or if you brads and then lace ribbon on the side.
Witch Brew Anyone?????

I made this card with a Gift Card envelope inside-
it would make a nice Trick or Treat!

Hey someone found my other shoe....

Happy Halloween and Trick or Treat
Hope everyone makes some cards.