Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Birthday

I really can't believe it is April already.  Anyway while I sit here wondering what to write about I just realized that I have family members with some BIG birthdays this month.  So I guess I am dedicating my blog today to them. 

April 7
 my Mom will be ?????
After much thought and telling everybody elses age My mom will be
Happy 61st Birthday Mom
and many more blessing this next year.

And on April 14 will be
married to my Dad for 38 years.
Happy Anniversary to Dad and Mom!!! 

April 9
Is my Little Brother BIG one 30 years old.
He has accomplished alot is his life-graduated High School (barely),
some college, and then in the US Army.  He is now going back to college to get his degree. 
He is a strong willed individual, loves his family, and his animals, works hard, and
completely nuts about Star Wars.  I am truly proud of him.
Happy 30th Birthday
and many blessing this next year.

April 11
Finally the matrich of the family.  I have been giving my Granny E a hard time for the last few
months.  She is going to be the BIG 80 this year.  I can't believe it. She has been thru alot in her 80 years-as she would say "To much to tell you."  She is truly something else.
Happy 80th Birthday
and many more blessing this year.

The goal for today is to actually make cards-I will be back to post the finally results later.