Friday, June 25, 2010

Glad its Friday!!!

Well Hello scrapers. What a week!!! Actually for me it was really a good week. My plan for this weekend is to actually sit at my "Crap table" I mean "Scrap table". I have come to the realization that I tend to buy way to much scrapbooking stuff. And have finally decided that I need to USE it. Any way I am just rambling.

(This is "Chloe" I just had to add her to my blog.)

Last nite I went surfing and went to You Tube and found a video for the "Gypsy" it was about the app for photos. Because when I first did that update I thought "I'm not going to use it." but after seeing that idea it made since. I am sorry that I don't remember who made the video. But anyway what she did was all the page ideas or sketches that she had downloaded to her computer. She downloaded to her "Gypsy." Well, I just did it and it was really easy. All you have to do is plug your "Gypsy" into the USB cable and double click on the your sync icon on your computer. Let it do its thing first, and then click on photo. Go to browse and go from there.

I loaded maybe 10 pictures or ideas from others. You could load your own work too. If you have any problems go to "You Tube" do a search for "Gypsy".

Well I guess this is me just rambling on and on and on. I made this card a few years ago. My Granny Emily went thru heart surgery I think. The base of the card is a Transparency is folded in half. And then I went from there with the front.

Thanks from Texas----Single Scrapin' Chick


  1. cute card~ where did you find the transperancy?

  2. i bought the transparency long long time ago on clearance at Joann's. Sorry.