Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bake Shop is Open

Good Evening everyone.   "Bake Shop is Open"  I have been wanting to toll with an idea for a long time.  I tried this last year but I wasn't that impressed with myself.  I actually saw this on  a website and just had to have the cricut cartiage "Tag, Bags and more" (I think)  Anyway I have been scrambling this weekend to get them done.  So no more words proof is in the "PAPER".

 Just a little side note -the cake opens from the back-and you are able slide a Gift Card side ways, candy, chococlate, and my favorite money. I have decided to sell them either my slice or a whole cake.


I know this looks like a repeat-but isn't not.  I actually had a one of those moments "Eureka".  I enlarged my coffee to go cup.  This one will actually fit into a 4x6 card and have put an envelope for a gift card.  I hope ya'll have enjoyed my post.   I can't make any promises that is won't be another month but who knows.
TX Single Scrapin' Chick

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