Monday, November 1, 2010

Fashion Show

Good morning all bloggers. I have been busy in the last fews weeks inbetween looking for a job. I have rediscovered sewing again. I tend to jump to one project, to another one. Any whoo-I am not going to talk alot I would rather show you what I have been doing. I hope ya'll enjoy.

 Chloe had to be right in the middle
All these clothes I bought at three local thrifts stores. I bought two pairs of pants, 1 black dress, three mini skirts and one jacket shirt. So I basically stripped all the clothes down to nothing. The pants I took out the zipper and took out the middle seam and opened them up all the way. And then I went ahead ahead and sewed down the middle again.

This was the pair of pants.  That I stripped the zipper and top off.

 Ok  pair of pants all one piece of fabric. 

Chloe just wouldn't move she had to pose!!The material in front is another pair of pants.

Last pair of pants one piece of fabric.

The finished product!!! A Cricut Expression Dust Cover. The black on the side was the black dress that I stripped.

And also finished one. 

Alright so for now that is all I am going to post.  I do have alot of other pictures.  But for now that is all. Check back tomorrow and I am going to post the rest of my Cricut Expression Covers that I have made.  Thanks

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