Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chasing my tail

      Oh my word it's finally Thursday nite.  Sitting watching TV and veggin'.  I am not like most woman.  I get to watch and veg in PEACE.  And frankly I love it.  To all the other women that don't get to I so feel for you.  Just sitting thinking what I want to talk about--and today I told someone at work-"I feel like my cat Chloe and all I am doing is chasing my stupid tail.  And getting no where just around, and around and around in circles."  Don't get me wrong I love my job.  I usually don't feel like that my cat Chloe but today all I did is chase my tail.  I would start something and then something else would come up finish that and forget what I orginally had started. That doesn't have to anybody else does it? No!!! (holding up my sarcasm sign up). 
        I just got of the phone tonite with a good friend and I have to say she is amazing.  She is married with 4 children, working half to full time and taking 15 college hours.  Plus everthing else she puts on her plate.  I just sat and listened to her on the phone-she is taking a quiz and reading the questions outloud. I laugh to my self in amazement.  But I feel for her because in her voice she too is chasing her tail..
       I know that I am not old yet.  But does life ever slow down?   Yes, I know it does when you die, but I just thinking  that is seems that in the last five years that it has gotten faster and faster.  No one has TIME to do anything.  Or my favorite "I don't have to TIME to WAIT."  Whether its waiting for 5 minutes in the drive up, 30 minutes or 2 hours in an office or anywhere. 
      People every where go, go and go trying to catch their own tail but you never will.  Sit down, lean back, lower your head, then slowly raise your head and look up!  God says HI it's about TIME you came by for a visit.

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  1. Hi Michelle! I found your blog, and I'm glad. Yes, I also feel like I am chasing my tail most days, so slowing down and simplifying my life is my current goal. I don't scrapbook, I'm too poor haha!! But I'll be back to read more.