Friday, September 17, 2010

Before the Morning (music video)

Good evening -I finally figured out how to download a video from You Tube. I had to share this video. About a month ago I was driving home from a long day at work. And this song came on the radio. My close friends and family know that I don't usually cry alot. But this song literally brought me to tears because at the time God knew I needed to hear those specific words at the time. I love it. I had to go look it up and the words are AWESOME. I found out the video and song actually is about family that lived in Texas that are close friends to Josh Wilson. If I remember right -the little baby boy was born and there was a major problem with his heart. If you go back to "you tube" you can find the rest of the story. The little boy is ok and he has most incredible ministry about his heart that God healed. I hope everyone enjoys the song and video because this song is keeping my head up and looking towards God.

Have a great weekend

Single Scrapin' Chick

Michelle Watson

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