Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cards...Cards...and more Cards

Ok everyone I have actually been busy today-Sunday. Making Coffee cards and finishing up some cards that I needed to put the finishing touches on. I am not that wordy tonite so sorry. Enjoy......

Chloe had to poise-for pics.....
This is one of the cups that I posted last time.
(and yes I did sew with my Pixie sewing machine) I love it.

The inside of the coffee cards. Gift Cards goes inside.
Ok this the envelope out of brown rolls of paper-used the Cricut -I can't remember which one.

"Listen Honey, God didn't promise it would be easy-he just promised it would be worth it!"
and yes I did use the Copic markers.

Oops -nice pic

And the last ones.. I do like how these turned out.
I hope everyone enjoyed my cards collections. I do have some of my Halloweens Coffee Cards already done. But you will have to wait to see what they look like. See ya for now.
and have great Labor Day!!

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