Saturday, March 2, 2013

Blizzard 2013

As I sit here today couple of months later from my last blog entry.  Alot happened this week.  Last Sunday my Mom called and said "I am going to play a mother."  "Ok. What?"  My mom knows that I love staying indoors on the weekend either watching movies, or crafting all weekend. "You know we are expected to have a BLIZZARD tonite."  she said  "Yes Mom, saw it on Facebook." People in the Texas Panhandle sometimes go crazy when they hear the word SNOW. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't.   So I really wasn't worried. "Michelle, do you have gas in your car, food in the house for you and Chloe?" I simply replied "NO to all." "Michelle, you really need to go."  "Yeah, Yeah.  Ok I will." and I actually did listen to her. About 10 minutes later left to head to a stores and get gas.  When I did leave the house the sky was clear and the temp outside was 61 degrees. And I all I could think is "Right snow."  However to the North skies the clouds were extremely dark and rolling into Amarillo.  After I left one store an hour and half later the temp had dropped at least 20 degrees.  To the end of the story I did make it to all the places I needed to go and by 6:00pm Sunday it had started. I was stuck in doors for 2 days due to that I work in the next town over about 15 minutes on a good day.  The Highway Dept closed both our main highways 1-40 and
 1-27 the one I take.  So I scrapbooked for both days.  I will post those pics later. For now I have a few pictures from my front door.

Also wanted to share the link from our local newspaper. Click on the click to see other pictures.
In closing I guess I was really glad I did listen to my Mother.
Thanks Mom for looking out for me still.
Love Single Scrapin Chick.

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