Saturday, January 5, 2013

Again here I am and the same thing as always I just haven't blogged in a long time.  But moving on..I wanted to add a few pictures that I took over Christmas at home for 2012.  Hope ya'll enjoy.

Mom & Dad


 Ryan and Rachel

Uncle Tommy and Aunt Tracy
& the Boys


I asked "Little Man" to kiss his mommy and he kissed Tia the "DOG."



The Boys

My Grandparents 

Granny E and Grandpa

Angela and Jimmy

Granny E and the youngest grandchild

GrannyE and Little Man

Son and his Mother
Uncle Tommy and Granny E

Rachel's Brownie Tart Dessert

Granny E's outside cat

Granny E and Ryan

After moving pics into place and almost deleting my post twice..Yes I hit the backspace 2 times.  Not fun.  I think I am done.  Merry Later Christmas and Happy New Year to all from  Single Scrapin Chick..

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